Putting the iPAQ rz1710 to use as a GPS system

iPAQ rz1710 GPS system

The HP iPAQ rz1710 was not a well received PDA (for plenty of obvious reasons: underpowered, no user-replaceable battery, lacking Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, etc.). But it may have found its purpose in life in the HP iPAQ rz1710 Navigator GPS. The package combines the rz1710 with a car cradle with an integrated SiRFStar III GPS receiver as well a speakers and a windshield-mount suction cup.

ViaMichelin Navigation 3 acts as your navigation and mapping software. The product description mentions that 16 European countries are available but not included. ViaMichelin will provide both route plans on the iPAQ as well as provide vocal driving directions.

The package sells for £269.00.

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