Q2 shipments of smartphones up and handhelds down

The market research firm Canalys reports that in Q2 2005 overall global shipments of smart mobile devices were up 105 percent compared to Q2 2004. Converged devices (like wireless handhelds) were up 186 percent while handhelds were down 14 percent. As in Q1, the top three vendors remained Nokia (6.7 million smart phones shipped), Palm (smart phone growth of 200 percent) and RIM (almost 900,000 devices shipped). Palm’s Treo 650 was singled out as it continues to have great success in both North America and EMEA.

In the handheld segment, Palm continues to retain its lead with a 31 percent marketshare but handheld shipments dropped 32 percent (from last year). Second place HP experienced a drop of 21 percent

Canalys also predicts that RIM will have its first million-unit quarter this year!

So nothing new here; convergence is alive and well!

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