Quake comes to your Pocket PC

Quake Mobile

If you spent countless hours sitting in front of your computer, your speakers turned up, the lights turned low, trying to see and kill whatever horror lurked behind the next corner, you might be interested in Quake Mobile. The levels, weapons and monsters of the original PC game have been ported over to the Pocket PC – as long as your Pocket PC supports 3D acceleration (the Dell Axim X50v and X51v). If that’s not enough, expansion packs and multiplayer support are already in the works!

Part of what made Quake so much fun was how immersive it was – I still remember my brother craning his neck as if that would help him see around the corner. I’m not sure how that experience would translate on such a small screen though. The graphics are pretty true to the original though.

Quake Mobile can be purchases for $24.99 from our affiliate Handango. A demo version is not available.

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