ROM updates for Axim x50 and x50v

Dell has released the new A02 ROM updates for its x50 (QVGA) and x50v (VGA) Axim PDAs. You’ll find:

  • Improved SD and CF read performance (x50 and x50v)
  • Updated wireless button usage scenario to avoid enabling / disabling wireless accidentally (x50 and x50v)
  • Allow the WLAN auto power-off feature to be enabled and/or disabled in the WLAN utility (x50 and x50v)
  • Added feature in the power applet to change the color of the battery power bar to reflect the battery capacity (x50 and x50v)
  • Improved touch panel performance and sensitivity (x50v)
  • Enhanced the video driver to be more robust (x50v)
  • And more…

x50 (QVGA) ROM update

x50v (VGA) ROM update