SanDisk to sell memory cards with preloaded content

It is expected that SanDisk will begin to sell flash memory cards with preloaded music and videos. Consumers will also be able to download content from online digital music services onto the cards. Initial supporters include EMI Group, Samsung’s cellphone division, Yahoo Music, PacketVideo Corp. and News Corp.’s NDS Group. The cards will come with device-independent DRM technology called TrustedFlash. Basically, the cards actually come with an on-board processor, a high-performance cryptographic engine and tamper-resistant technology so that the complete DRM solution is in the card. The dependence on validation with devices has been eliminated.

The cards will sell for $39.99 USD and will be available with capacities up to 2GB. Pricing seems a little excessive but I’ll reserve judgement until I see what content you get for that price.

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