Screen Repair for the iPAQ h5100, h5400 & h5500 series

Not everyone needs or can upgrade to the latest PDA as soon as it comes out. Sometimes, we hang on to older devices and when warranties expire, it can be difficult, expensive or both to get these units serviced. Alternatives are always good. Case in point is who now offer a do-it-yourself digitizer (the touch-sensitive glass top) repair kit priced at $75.99 USD for the HP h5100, h5400 & h5500 series. Kits for other PDAs including older iPAQs and Axims are also available.

So, how do you know that you need to replace the digitizer? The only function a glass top handles is the input from the stylus. If the image is coming up fine under the broken glass, most of the time a glass top is all you need. If there are black lines under the broken glass, no image, or it comes up completely black you will probably need a complete screen.

Just remember: If your unit is still under warranty, it’s still best to go back to HP for repairs.

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