Skweezer comes to your cellphone

Skweezer is a very useful tool that will reformat web pages for devices such as PDAs to improve their legibility. Greenlight Wireless, Skweezer’s makers, just announced a new paging feature for Skweezer that will detect devices with memory limitations (like cell phones) and slice the web pages being viewed into smaller sections that can be viewed separately. This will alleviate issues where device memory limitations can prevent access to sites when the pages are too large.

Once the page is broken up into smaller sub-pages, links at the top and bottom of the Skweezed page allow the user to navigate between these. For example, a Motorola V551 will only load Web pages that are ten kilobytes or less in size. Bigger pages will simply return an error. With Skweezer’s paging system, bigger pages will be broken up into 10-kilobyte sub-pages. No more errors!

You can use Skweezer for free (but ad-supported) or you can sign up for Skweezer Pro which offers no ads, faster performance and unlimited email support for $14.95 USD/year.

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