Socket SDIO Modem Card

Socket SDIO Modem

Socket Communications Inc. has announced the release of its SDIO modem card. It could be the perfect solution for those times that you cannot find a WiFi hotspot. The modem supports both V.92 and V.90 protocols, comes with 2 LEDs (for Link and Data transmission) and measures 81mm by 41mm by 20 mm. Two other useful features are “Modem-On-Hold” which allows you to answer a phone call without losing your modem connection and Caller ID.

The Socket SDIO modem is compatible with Pocket PC 2003SE, 2003 or 2002 with SDIO Now! software from BSQUARE. The Socket site also has a list of devices that the modem has been tested with.

You can buy the modem from Socket directly for $119 USD.

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