Spb Full Screen Keyboard Updated

Spb Full Screen Keyboard

Spb Software House has released a major update to Spb Full Screen Keyboard. Development of version 3.0 of this application that lets you enter text quickly and easily on your Pocket PC focused on improving usability. Spb Full Screen Keyboard 3.0 introduces a misprint correction feature, a smart self-learning algorithm and an improved keyboard layout. Other features include VGA skins, portrait layout, square screen device support, improved skin format and Windows Mobile 5.0 support.

Spb Full Screen Keyboard 3.0 is currently available in English, German and French languages. It can be purchased for $9.95 USD from our affiliate PocketGear. A trial version is also available and Spb Full Screen Keyboard 2.x owners can upgrade for $4.95 USD.

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