Spb Pocket Plus 3.0 now available

Spb Pocket Plus

Spb Pocket Plus is a great little utility for the Pocket PC. Spb Pocket Plus is a utility that enhances all aspects of the Pocket PC operation system. Version 3.0 builds on prior versions with some nifty new enhancements. These include:

  • A safe mode to help users troubleshoot software issues
  • Alt-Tab style task switching and 40 other commands
  • File encryption in File Explorer
  • Icons in Tabs on the Today Plug-in
  • A Close icon in the Close Button context menu
  • the ability to open a new window in the background in Pocket Internet Explorer
  • Spb Pocket Plus actions can be assigned to hardware buttons
  • Full keyboard support in Today plug-in
  • Improved VGA support
  • Windows Mobile 5 support
  • Improved performance. Eg, tab dragging on the Today screen is more than 500% faster

Existing Spb Pocket Plus 2.x users can upgrade for $9.95 USD. The full version can be purchased for $24.95 USD from our affiliate Handango. A 15-day trial is also available.

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