Street dates for the hw6500? And more specs…

HP iPAQ hw6500

The same BargainPDA source (see story below) that revealed the existence of two new iPAQs has also revealed that HP will officially announce the hw6500 on March 17 with carrier availability to follow in the Q2 2005. Again, the expectation is that the carrier will be Cingular as it is the only US carrier with an EDGE network.

The dimensions of the hw6500 were revealed to be 4.5 inches long, 2.8 inches wide and 0.63 inches thick. Interestingly, reports that Pocket PC Thoughts forum user Edgar_ has posted the same information. Either Edgar_ is bargainPDA’s source or we have some two sources confirming each other.

Meanwhile, over at, they confirm that the screen of the hw6500 will be 240×240 pixels wide.

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