Top Ten PDA Failures

The Rex PDA

I first got involved with PDAs when Compaq released the Aero. Since then (and even before), we have seen a multitude of PDA brands, form factors and related technologies come and go. Once in a while, there is a particular flameout! MLAgazine, a site that focuses on “the history of the personal computer, the people that made it and the people who sold it”, has published an article on the top ten PDA failures.

Having had a chance to play with the Rex (10th on the list), I have to agree that it deserved to be on the list. Cool idea, poor execution. And it was definitely interesting to read about GEOS. I loved GEOS on my Commodore 64 but never knew that it had made an unsuccessful leap into PDAs.

But should the Newton really be on the list?

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