Updated Claviature for Pocket PC


Microth has updated Claviature, their input software, to version 1.2. The main new feature of version 1.2 is the support of Ergonomic Layouts for English, Spanish, German, French and Italian languages. The Claviature Ergonomic Layouts provide a key arrangement optimized for on-screen keyboards and pen input in different languages. They are computer designed to minimize input time using Fitt’s law describing efficiency of keyboard depending on letter pair frequencies in different languages and distances between them. The company used advanced mathematical methods were used to calculate optimal keyboard layouts. Microth expects that you’ll gain a 50% typing speed increase!

To celebrate this release, they are also running a contest. The winner of the longest connected words entered on a Claviature Ergonomic Layout (ie, All sequential letters should be in ajacent positions). There will be one of Claviature free registration winner per language.

You can buy Claviature at our affiliate Handango for $14.95 USD. A trial version is also available.

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