Want to beta-test SuDoku from Mastersoft Mobile Solutions?


Mastersoft Mobile Solutions is beta-testing its upcoming SuDoku game. SuDoku is a puzzle game where a 9×9 grid must be filled in with numbers. On each row, column and regions (smaller 3×3 subgrids), the numbers 1 through 9 can only show up once. Logic rather than math will help you solve the puzzles.

Mastersoft’s solution promises over one million puzzles with no repeats. The beta is free (Beta 3 is forthcoming shortly) and some free copies of the final version will be handed out to testers. The forum indicates that only 100 copies will be handed out (to the first 100 useful posts) – There are just under 200 posts now so if the 100 copies are not spoken for now, they soon will be.

This game originated in the United States but first caught on in Japan. And this year, it seems to have caught on everywhere else. I just tried one for the first time this weekend (in a newspaper) and it is definitely fun.

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