Why did T-Mobile pull the h6315?

iPAQ h6300

Marc at www.iPAQabilities.com has posted some of his conjectures about why T-Mobile pulled the HP iPAQ 6315 from its web site and stores earlier (as posted here on March 18th). There is one interesting statement there: For starters, I have been hearing that T-Mobile did not properly certify the H6315 on their network (I’m not sure what a proper certification is however) and it appears that this might have ruffled some feathers within HP.

Definitely an interesting rumour that could explain a lot of the h6315 issues…

Update: Phonemag.com and other sites are confirming that T-Mobile has stopped selling the iPAQ h6315 because of numerous software issues. An FAQ also reveals that certain customers may be offered an exchange such as the RIM 7100t as well as a courtesy credit.

And a completely new iPAQ model is expected in the second quarter (presumably the hw6500).

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