Windows Mobile Mac synchronization using the Missing Sync

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile from Mark/Space allows you to synchronize your Mac with your Pocket PC or Smartphone device. The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile integrates with the new Sync Services technology in Mac OS X 10.4 (aka Tiger) in addition to the earlier Panther, allowing users to synchronize their Address Book and iCal data directly to a Windows Mobile device, resulting in faster, more accurate synchronization. This release also adds sync support for Microsoft’s popular Entourage software, employing Microsoft’s own synchronization protocol to ensure the best possible user experience. It features a new user interface, allows you to import/export images with iPhoto and lets you mount your Pocket PC on the Mac OS X desktop, It also comes with the AvantGo client and SplashPhoto viewer.

The Missing Sync is available for $39.95 USD from Mark/Space.

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