2 SIM phones coming

China-based Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific Co. has announced dual mode smartphones, phones that can work with two simultaneously acive SIM cards. Essentially, you would have two phone numbers going to the same phone. Single SIM phones require that you restart the phone after switching the SIM cards.

Both are powered by Windows CE (it’s not clear if this in fact Windows Mobile), a QVGA touchscreen, 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM, a 2MP camera, MP3/WMV media player and a miniSD slot. Bluetooth and WiFi are not included.

Yulong has already selling the CoolPAD 288 (CDMA + GSM), CoolPAD 728 (CDMA and GSM) and 728 G2 (GSM + GSM) in China and is planning to expand to India as soon as they can find carrier partners.

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