2006 red dot design awards

red dot

I first found out about the red dot design awards from Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen last year when the Dell Axim X50v won one. The red dot award: design concept opens the window to the future. It provides us with an indication of future trends, innovations and designs. It affirms today’s leaders in the field of design and more importantly identifies emerging talents and companies who are certain to make significant contributions in shaping our evolving future.

There are a number of categories. In the Interaction & Communication category, winners include the Onyx mobile phone prototype and the ROEM, an electronic paper device which rolls up into when not in use. Its wireless connection will allow users to download a wide variety of material such as magazines, newspapers and books. In the Recreation category, you will find winners such as the Phoenix, an integrated cooking system designed with backpackers in mind. The stove, stand, fuel, and wind screen are all one piece. Everything nests inside the bowl. Capillary Forced Vaporisation (CFV) micro-porous ceramic discs vaporise fuel on the fly. There is no need for pressurised fuel.

Don’t forget to check out the Bong Bong Boxer, an invention that makes fighting fun and educational for pre-school children.

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