Acer announces C510 and C530 PDAs

At a recent GPS technology fair in Italy, Acer announced that it will replace its N35 PDA with the C510 and C530 PDAs in Europe. The two new models are nearly identical: Powered by 300MHz Samsung processors and Windows Mobile 5.0, they will feature 2.8-inch QVGA screens, 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM, GPS using SiRFstar III chipsets, Bluetooth, SD slot, miniUSB port and built-in MP3 player. The C530 will also include Wi-Fi capabilities. Both models will also come with ALK Copilot 6 navigation software, including maps of France on a 256MB SD card.

The new models are expected to go on sale in November with an expected price of 350€ for the C510 and somewhat higher for the C530.

Source: Pocket PC Thoughts