Airscanner Mobile AntiVirus Pro for Pocket PC

Airscanner Corporation has released a professional strength virus scanner for the Pocket PC. As our devices become increasingly converged, threats like viruses and trojan horses could threaten your data. Air Scanner Mobile Antivirus Pro comes with anti-virus features (like the ability to quarantine and eradicate embedded viruses and malware and automatic online updates of virus signature and the scanning engine) and anti-trojan features (like the ability to intercept memory resident viruses with an advanced process discovery tool and tools to debug trojan hacks and detect denial of service attacks). It also comes with ActiveGuard, a real-time scanning tool that provides file input/output modification monitoring (eg, changes, creations and deletions).

Air Scanner Mobile Antivirus Pro runs on both Windows Mobile 2003 and 5.0. It requires 2 MB of RAM and either an ARM or Xscale processor.

Air Scanner Mobile Antivirus Pro is available directly from Airscanner for $19.99 USD with a one-year updates and suppport subscription and $44.95 with 2 years of updates & support.

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