Back up your cell phone contact information


For many people, their cell phone has become their address book. If that cell phone is lost, stolen or damaged, you’ve lost everyone’s phone numbers, email addresses and possibly more. Fortunately there is a solution: Backup-Pal is a portable, battery-operated cell phone accessory that downloads and stores relevant contact information including names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. In the event contacts need to be restored to a new cellular phone, simply attach the Backup-Pal to the appropriate adapter and press the ‘restore’ button. Backup-Pal is equipped with detachable adapters that allow users to transfer contact information from one cell phone manufacturer or brand to another without the need for a computer, data cables, software installation or a monthly fee. Although not a requirement, Backup-Pal users will have the option to edit and backup contacts to a computer.

Backup-Pal offers a number of connectivity options, including serial, infra-red (IrDA) and USB. It has the capacity to permanently store over 1,000 contacts.

Depending on your phone, Backup Pal will cost between $39.99 USD and $49.99 USD.

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