Brutal Wars on Windows Mobile

Brutal Wars

Brutal Wars is a new game that combines a war game with a turn-based strategy one. Each day the number of terrorist attacks increases and these local problems of separate countries gradually turn into a worldwide threat. Even standing armies of the most developed countries cannot cope with constantly increasing terrorist forces. At a special meeting, world superpowers decide to create an extraordinary international committee that commands special military forces of a new generation. You are in charge of that elite antiterrorist unit: The finest soldiers armed with the latest weapons.

The game comes with 2 campaigns with 15 maps as well as 4 single-player game maps and 2 maps for a multi-player hotseat game against the computer enemy and your friends, 34 types of military units and a variety of landscapes including plains, mountains and rivers. Versions exist both for desktop computers and Pocket PC devices and saved games can be transferred from one to the other.

Brutal Wars is currently available for $19.95 USD (20 percent off during July) directly from Sytexis Software. A trial version is also available.

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