BusinessWeek profiles HTC

If you visit Gadgetorama and other Windows Mobile sites, you already know about HTC (High Tech Computer Corp.), the Taiwanese company responsible for many successful Smartphones and PDAs. Founded back in 1997, HTC’s first success was the Compaq iPAQ h3600. In 2002, they unveiled their first Smartphone. HTC continues to grow at a double digit rate with last year’s profits being three times more than in the previous year. With HTC’s new push into the US market, don’t expect to see HTC slow down any time soon.

The article also looks at Peter Chou, HTC’s demanding boss. If he’s not satisified, a product will head back to the development lab. For example, the HTC Star Trek clamshell phone that is just starting to ship went through 3 failed iterations before he declared the fourth a success.

The article also looks at where HTC is going and who its competitors are. Definitely a good read.

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