Conduits Technologies releases Pocket Player 2.7

Conduits Pocket Player

Conduits Technologies, Inc. has released Pocket Player 2.7, a signifcant upgrade of its music player for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC and Smartphone. The new version supports Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones and Pocket PCs (including Smartphone 2002, 2003 and 2003SE) and all platform screen sizes and orientations. The interface has been redesigned to offer a larger playlist and visualization area. Various formats of meta data, including ID3v1, ID3v2, WMA and Vorbis Comments, are supported.

Reliance on device-dependent components for playback of some audio formats has been eliminated. Support for audio formats like PCM, GSM, IMA-ADPCM and MS-ADPCM has also been added. You will also find support for podcasts (with an auto-resume feature). WMA support has also been improved and now supports Janus DRM playback as well as regular WMA playback.

If that’s not enough, Pocket Player 2.7 also features a number of new plugins. For example, the “Browser” plugin offers a menu-driven navigation interface (common to many dedicated music players) to browse all the content on your device. This plugin leverages the new metadata database, to allow you to open or enqueue tracks by Artist, Album or Genre.

Pocket Player 2.7 is available for $19.95 from our affiliate PocketGear. A trial version is available and the upgrade is free for all 2.x users.

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