CoreCodec unveils CorePlayer for Windows Mobile


CoreCoded has released the latest version of its Windows Mobile media player. Unlike previous versions, the new one sports a new name and a new user interface. CorePlayer for Windows Mobile as it TCPMP is now known comes with support for the AAC, MP3, WMA, WMV9, DIVX, XVID, MP4, MKV and MIDI codecs, streaming suport and hardware acceleration on supported devices.

This release also marks the move from a free application to one that must be purchased. TCPMP is still available for download.

CorePlayer is available for $24.99 USD from MobiHand. A separate version is available for Smartphones here. A trial version is expected in early December.

Note: If you can wait, hold off until later this week as the current version ships without an ‘Options’ menu due to a last minute bug. An update should fix that shortly.

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