Dell releases new ROM for Axim X51 and X51v

Dell Axim X51v

Dell has released ROM update A12 for its Axim X51 and Axim X51v. The new ROM includes the following fixes and enhancements

  • Windows Mobile V5.0 Adaptation Kit Update 2.3.1 enhancement
  • Audio driver change (headset output gain adjustment) due to French audio regulation
  • Fixed issues where system can’t wake up with CF card installed
  • Enhanced CF I/O card performance
  • Fixed CF serial modem port Open/Close issue
  • Support for Activesync serial connection switcher

To make life a little easier, you can use the the Data Backup Application to restore previous backup files from a previous operating system release. In other words, backup for doing the update!

Note: This System Update is only for Axim X51/X51v. IT IS NOT for Axim X50/X50v systems with Windows Mobile version 5.0 upgrade.