Easily check that your Christmas lights are working

LightKeeper Pro

We’re getting close to that time of the year when the family Christmas tree will be going up. With all the joy of decorating the tree also comes the frustration of trying to fix a string of lights when some of it does not light up. This year, this chore will be a lot easier for any one who has the LightKeeper Pro. Now you don’t have to discard a string of non-working mini lights—just use this handy tool to detect and repair faulty bulbs. It sends an electrical pulse through the string and repairs problems associated with defective shunts, often the cause when an entire section of lights goes out. Easy to use—an LED in the tip makes it easy to work in dark areas. It also comes with a bulb remove and a case for extra bulbs, fuses and all other supplies necessary for repairs.

The LightKeeper Pro is available for $24.95 USD directly from Solutions.

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