Egress 3.0 RSS reader now available

If you’re hooked on RSS feeds and would like to read them on your Windows Mobile device, Egress from Garish Kernels might be worth checking out. Egress is an advanced yet easy to use application which displays your favorite RSS/ATOM feeds directly on your PocketPC. Version 3.0 has just been released and it comes with a complete UI redesign and d-pad navigation. This latest version can also cache web pages for later display using a different browser; the RSS parsing has been completely recoded for improved reliability and speed; support for digg RSS extensions has been added; and there are plenty of smaller enhancements and bug fixes. It is compatible with PocketPC 2002, 2003/2003SE and Windows Mobile 5.

Egress can be purchased for $12.95 USD from our affiliate PocketGear. The purchase includes lifetime updates. A trial version is also available.

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