Exchange 2007: Where to Direct Push?

Paul Mah of Technology at Play takes a close look at Microsoft’s upcoming Exchange 2007 to see what’s in Direct Push’s future. Thinking ahead, it becomes clear that we can extrapolate and work out most, if not all of the what Direct Push will evolve into or incorporate simply by taking a closer look into the features that can be found in upcoming or future versions of Microsoft Exchange.

Among the features we can expect are the following. Over-the-air (OTA) search will let you do searches using a remote server with the results being sent back to you OTA. Support for HTML e-mail and enterprise tools, such as security policies set on per-device basis (rather than server-wide with exclusions in Exchange 2003), the ability to set out-of-office replies, and web-based initiated device wipes, will also be included.

Source: Smartphone Thoughts

Note that Windows Mobile will likely also need updates to support these new features. Could Crossbow include them?

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