Firetop Mountain: A platform gamer

Firetop Mountain

Firetop Mountain takes place in a world cursed by a deadly plague caused by minions of Old Karn, an ancient and supernatural evil. Your job is to find the three pieces of the Rubin Amulet, which, when reunited, can be used to gain entrance to Old Karn’s tomb, where you can then do away with him.

The game takes place over three chapters that feature hazards like lava pits, spikes, arrows, mashers, fireballs, different types of enemies among others. The game comes with two game modes. In Story Mode, you find out the story of Firetop Mountain as you unlock levels for the second mode. In Score Mode, you are playing against the clock. Pots of gold earn you more time as you race to complete levels. The game also features flexible controls that let you play with just the buttons or with both buttons and a stylus.

Firetop Mountain is available for $9.99 USD from our affiliate Pocketgear. A trial version is also available.

Source: Pocket PC Thoughts

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