Flashpoint MP3 Shareplayer gets updated

Flashpoint MP3 Shareplayer

I first posted about the Flashpoint MP3 SharePlayer back in May. This somewhat unique MP3 player can also act as a USB drive and integrates both a female USB connector and Sharing-On-The-Go (SOTG) firmware. The latter two will let you connect this player to another MP3 player or other USB-port equipped device and transmit files back and forth thereby eliminating the need for a PC.

The latest version of the SharePlayer adds FM recording, a microphone and e-book support. There are over 25 million people world wide that listen to audio books. This is one area that has been mostly over looked by MP3 player manufacturers. Not only can this be used for MP3 audio books, but for many other applications also (i.e. class assignments, legal documents, learn a foreign language, etc.).

The Flashpoint MP3 SharePlayer is available in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB storage capacities.

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