FlashPoint SharePlayer: USB flash drive meets MP3 player

Flashpoint MP3 SharePlayer

The Flashpoint MP3 SharePlayer is a somewhat unique MP3 player (supporting MP3 & WMA file formats) in that it combines its MP3 playback capabilities with those of a USB drive. So far, pretty similar to the iPod shuffle but it goes beyond that device by integrating a female USB connector and Sharing-On-The-Go (SOTG) firmware. The latter two will let you connect this player to another MP3 player or other USB-port equipped device and transmit files back and forth. If the other device does not have a USB port, chances are that it comes with a USB cable instead. Essentially, you don’t need a PC to do the transfers anymore.

Since it can also act as a USB drive, you can copy any computer files (eg, photos, data files) to your Flashpoint MP3 SharePlayer simply by dragging and dropping them. It also comes with an LCD screen (useful when it comes to selecting files to transfer) and an FM receiver.

Weighing only 75 grams, it is available with 1GB, 2GB or 4GB storage capacity. Prices start at $169.99 USD and run up to $259.99 USD.

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