Free Metro subway guide application updated

A new version of Métro is now available. Métro is a free application that provides information about public transit systems in over 250 worldwide cities. It also provides useful tools such as instructions on how to get to a particular location using either the fewest connections or the shortest route, a list of interesting places to visit at each station and more. Since I last posted about it, it has received a number of updates. The latest version adds new cities like Krakow in Poland and Lippstadt in Germany and provides updates to quite a few others (including Grenoble, Paris, Shanghai, Cleveland, London, San Fransisco and more). A number of bug fixes are also included.

Métro works on the Windows Mobile platform (including WM5.0 and square screen devices), PalmOS devices and Symbian (UIQ, S60, S80, S90) devices.

Best of all, Métro remains free.

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