Gadgetorama turns one

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Gadgetorama! The site turned one today. Time does fly when you’re having fun!

A year ago, I posted the first story. It was about leaked screenshots of the then unreleased Windows Mobile 5.0. Okay, it was really the second as the first story was a small test back in November 2004. But the news tap was officially turned on on January 4, 2005. Since then, I have posted almost 900 news items.

So what’s in store for the next year? A few things spring to mind immediately: First, catch up on the backlog of reviews. Then, hopefully a new logo and some changes to the site to make it a little better. Yes, Aaron, I will be making the changes you asked for! And I will continue to bring you as much news as possible.

Thank you for all your support this first year! And now, on to Year 2.