Happy fifth birthday to the iPod

Apple iPod

It was five years ago today that Apple unveiled its very first iPods, a 5GB and a 10GB model. The scroll wheel and intuitive interface made the iPod an instant hit. If you’re interested in how the iPod came to be, check out this Wired Magazine story.

Since then, Apple has sold more than 65 million iPods with more than 8 million of those being sold just in the last three months. Apple also has more than a 70 percent marketshare in the US and its iTunes music store is not doing too badly either. Since that fateful day, the iPod has grown in capacity (up to 80GB today), introduced video playback and smaller siblings like the iPod mini, shuffle and nano. And hopefully the true video iPod is just around the corner.

For a walk through five years of iPod history, check out this CNET photo gallery.

Happy birthday, iPod!

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