HD video coming to your iPod?

ATO iSee 360

Can’t wait for Apple to bring HD to their iPods? If so, California-based ATO could have your answer. The company, maker of the iSee 360 video sleeve, is promising that it will release a high-definition video player sleeve in about 5 months. Like the current iSee 360, the iPod will slip into the sleeve (an adapter may be required depending on the iPod model). The sleeve comes with a built-in LCD screen.

Presumably, the HD version will work the same way as the iSee 360 which partitions the iPod’s storage so that you have one area for regular content and one for iSee content. The player will support MPEG 4, Divx, HD.264 and other video formats. The player will have its own battery and it last about five hours.

The player will sell for between $199 and $250 USD.

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