HTC Star Trek on sale in Asia

HTC Star Trek Smartphone

The very-thin HTC Star Trek Smartphone is now on sale in Asia as the Dopod S300. You can get the Dopod S300 in Taiwan for about $13,900 NT(or about $425 USD or $500 CAD).

Very reminescent of the Motorola RAZR, the Dopod S300 is powered by a 200 MHz Texas Instruments OMAP 850 processor and Windows Mobile 5.0 (with MSFP). It comes with quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE capabilities, 64MB ROM and 64MB RAM, a 2.2-inch QVGA internal display and 1.2-inch 128 x128 external display, Bluetooth 1.2, USB 1.1, a 1.3MP camera and a microSD slot. Unfortunately, you can’t get everything (yet) in a thin and light package: Wi-Fi capabilities are not included.

The HTC Star Trek is expected to hit Europe later as the Qtek 8500.

Source: Mobinaute

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