iPAQ hx2790 to come with 320MB ROM?

HP iPAQ hx2000 series

We know that HP quietly updated the hx2190 and hx2490 to 192MB ROM. Could a similar move be taking place for the iPAQ hx2790? It currently comes with 192MB ROM but Mobinaute found that the HP France specs now show it with 320MB ROM as well as 64MB RAM. With 192MB ROM, you have up to 144 MB of user available persistent storage memory. With 320MB ROM, that jumps up to 256MB.

I also checked HP UK’s site and it shows 320MB of ROM as well. On the other hand, HP’s US, Australian and German web sites still show the iPAQ hx2790 as having 192MB ROM so it remains to be seen if this is a typo or if the update is still making its way to all the different sites.

Source: Mobinaute