Is that a go-kart track in your briefcase?

Briefcase Go-Kart Track

Do you remember spending days sitting on the floor in front of your remote control race track, watching the cars zip around? The Briefcase Go-Kart Track will help you relive those carefree days. Closed, the briefcase looks like any other. Open it up and you’ll find a 2 metre long go-kart race track complete with 2 karts, controllers, a stopwatch and a battery that will let you play for up to five hours.

When your negotiations meeting reaches a deadlock, maybe you can settle the issue with a few laps around the track!

You can purchase the Briefcase Go-Kart Track for 598 € (about $790 USD or $900 CAD) from German web site Pro-Idee.

Source: Ubergizmo

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