LightCap combines solar powered light and water bottle

SolLight LightCap

When camping, the goal is often to pack as light as possible (unless you are a glutton for punishment) without forgetting anything of importance. The Lightcap combines two essential items: an LED light and a one-liter water bottle. And if that’s not enough, it’s a solar-powered light so you will not need to pack batteries either.

Built into the cap are a waterproof solar panel, Ni-Cad battery and LED light. During the day, let the sun do its work. Four hours of charge time are enough to provide up to 8 hours of light at night. The LightCap will also let you switch from white light to red light, which will preserve your night vision and draw a lot less energy.

The LightCap is available for $24.95 USD directly from SolLight.

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