Lost your stylus?

Have you ever lost your stylus and had to make do with your finger or some other improvised stylus? For those of us that have suffered this fate, BoxWave has announced the Replacement Stylus for Pocket PCs. Not only will it work with the built-in stylus holder on your handheld but it features a retractable design that lengthens the stylus when in use.

The Replacement Stylus is currently available for the following devices: Cingular 8100, Cingular 8125, Dopod 838, i-mate K-JAM, Mio A700, Mio A701, O2 XDA mini Pro, O2 XDA Mini S, Orange SPV M3000, Qtek 9100, T-Mobile MDA (US version-Vario) and Vodafone VPA Compact II. The price is $9.95 USD for one or $19.95 USD for a 3-pack bundle.

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