Mission: Impossible III on the Nokia N93

Mission: Impossible III is coming to the Nokia N93 multimedia computer. Coinciding with the movie’s release on DVD, the movie will also be available on a 512MB miniSD memory card that will be included with N93s in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, the UK and other European countries. The movie will be enocded at 25 frames per second with stereo sound (a stereo headset will be provided in the package). You will have access to the usual movie controls like fast forward, stop and resume.

It will not be possible to watch the movie on a computer or to copy it onto another storage card but you will be able to archive it to your computer to reuse the card for other purposes.

The Nokia N93 is a tri-band GSM/EDGE/3G (2100MHz UMTS) phone that comes with a 2.4-inch QVGA screen. It is capable of recording MPEG-4 VGA video at 30fps and comes with stereo audio recording and digital stabilization. It also comes with internal memory of up to 50 MB, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, a MiniSD slot, stereo FM radio and a digital music player.

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