More Cingular device rumours

Engadget Mobile has more rumours about upcoming Cingular devices. This time, it looks like the HP iPAQ hw6920 and 6925 are expected any time soon. That rumour is certainly supported by the fact that Mobile Planet is now offering the iPAQ hw6910 and hw6915.

If that’s not enough the HTC Hermes is expected from Cingular in the September or October timeframe. And teh HTC StarTrek should be available a bit earlier (August or September).

And that’s not all: The Motorola RAZR V3i is expected any time now and the Sony Ericsson w810 will launch next month.

Not enough for you? How about one more? The Motorola RAZR’s successor, so far codenamed the Canary, is rumoured to be called the KRZR. It will be released by Cingular in the September or October timeframe.

Source: Engadget Mobile