More on the Zune

Microsoft Zune

More Zune news: Remember those early rumours about the Zune coming with some preloaded content? Well, EMI announced that it would offer preloaded video content from bands such as “30 Seconds to Mars” and “Hot Chip”. This should put to rest rumours that the Zune would ship without video capabilities.

Meanwhile, Gizmodo is wondering if the Zune is no more than a modified Toshiba Gigabeat. There are differences such as the screen size and the button layout but these changes are certainly easier to implement than developing a new product from scratch in about a year. Gizmodo suggests that Toshiba’s strong ties with Microsoft and the already existing integratino with Windows Media Center would have made an excellent basis from which to build the Zune.

Still looking for more Zune news? iLounge has an interesting write-up about the Zune’s interface. They also indicate that the Wi-Fi capabilities will let you lend other Zune users songs for a short period (maybe a day) so that they can listen to them before deciding if they want to buy them for themselves. The Wi-Fi should also let you stream music to an also Wi-Fi enabled Xbox 360.