More Zune news


Since I last mentioned Zune, there have been a number of new developments.

Microsoft has since confirmed that Zune is coming ‘zune’ (Ouch!). You can now subscribe to the Zune newsletter. It has also confirmed that it will invest hundreds of millions and lose money into 2008 (a strategy used in the past for the XBox) in order to ensure that Zune becomes a commercial success. The plan is to develop a model that combines hardware, software and services, again, much like with the XBox and its Live service. The Zune line-up will grow next year to include different types of players and will also expand to other geographies.

On the rumour front, the Zune may come preloaded with some content although details are sparse.

Stay tuned! The Zune news and rumours will continue to pick up pace over the next few months!