New digital entertainment products from HP


At CES 2006, HP announced nine new high-definition TVs, seven new ultra-compact digital cameras, new consumer notebooks desktops as well as a home movie service from Snapfish, HP’s online photo service.

Among the high-definition TVs being rolled out is the 37-inch HP Advanced Digital Media LCD TV which will let users watch and listen to content streamed from their PC. The TV will also let users view online Snapfish slideshows, listen to songs from Rhapsody (HP’s new digital music partner) or download movies from sites such as CinemaNow and MovieLink.

On the digital camera side, the new generation promises bigger, brighter LCD screens and integration with Snapfish.

Meanwhile, Snapfish services have been expanded to include home movies. You will now be able to access, view, store and share digital videos uploaded from digital cameras and mobile phones. Snapfish will convert the movies to a format playable on most Internet browsers. The service is free for the first month and will cost $2.99 monthly after that (or $24.99 USD annually).

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