New HP iPAQ hw6500 ROM Update

HP iPAQ hw6500

Back in early June, HP released a ROM update for the hw6510c, hw6510d, hw6515, hw6515c, hw6515d, hw6515e and hw6515f models of its hw6500 family. Now, it has released a version for the hw6510a and hw6515a. The update comes with a number of enhancements including the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Radio firmware version 2.12.00, Bluetooth software version, Quick GPS Connection driver version 2.03, TODAYPANEL Lite version 2.20, the Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) is set as default for the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) Authentication setting. It also renames the secure digital (SD) and mini-SD cards to “Storage Card.”.

A number of fixes are also included: A fix for the issue where a step-down in CPU clock speed affects normal phone operation, a fix for the issue where the GSM Radio resets during an active voice call, a fix for the issue where the HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger does not resume from Suspend mode when Bluetooth is enabled and others.

The same fix for the hw6510b and hw6515b models is available here.

Note: The ROM update will overwrite the current ROM image and to erase the partnership and all user data and programs on the iPAQ handheld. Be sure to backup your data before doing the update.

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