New OtterBox for 2G iPod nano

OtteBox for the 2G Apple iPod nano

OtterBox has released a new OtteBox for the 2G Apple iPod nano. Like its 1G predecessor, the new case is designed to protect the nano from rain, mud, wind, dust as well as an active lifestyle (read that to mean where it can be dropped or banged up). The nano remains completely functional with easy access to the ClickWheel through a thin, protective membrane and the display is protected by a hard screen cover. The included belt clip provides cable management for the headphones. The case is clear, allowing the colour of the nano to show through.

Have a look at Gadgetorama’s review of the OtterBox 1G nano case to see how this case works.

The 2G Apple iPod nano OtterBox is available for $39.95 USD directly from OtterBox.

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