New storage card offerings from SanDisk

SanDisk SD - USB card

SanDisk has announced a number of new options in their memory card lineups.

Its SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus cards come with a built-in USB connector and will be available with a 2GB capacity ($134.99 USD) in June. Capacities of 512MB ($69.99 USD)and 1GB ($89.99 USD) are available now.

The Extreme III card lineup, designed for for professional digital cameras, will offer an 8GB CF card ($559.99 USD), a 2GB SD card ($199.99 USD)and 2GB ($209.99 USD) and 4GB ($419.99 USD) Memory Stick PRO Duo cards starting in March. The Extreme III cards offer some of the fastest performances (minimum write and read speeds of 20 MB/sec for the CF and SD cards and 18 MB/sec for the Memory Stick PRO Duo) currently available.

SanDisk also announced the 4GB SanDisk Ultra II Memory Stick PRO Duo card. It will be available starting in March for $239.99 USD.

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