Nokia 770 Internet Tablet update available for download

Nokia 770

Announced back on May 16, the new 2006 edition of the Linux-based operating system for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is now available for download (also available here). The update includes Google Talk (supporting both instant messaging and VoIP), a full-screen finger keyboard, improved memory performance and a refreshed user interface.

Note that any application designed for OS 2005 that you have installed will not be compatible with the 2006 OS version.

The 770 is designed primarily for browsing the web and doing email using a WiFi network. And if WiFi is not available, a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone can be used. The device is under 6-inches wide, 3.1-inches wide, weighs only about 8 ounces and has a 4.13-inch touch screen capable of handwriting recognition.

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